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I invite you to this stunning location in the northern part of Italy, the city of fair Verona. Be a part of my journey as musician, instrument maker, teacher and your tour host – making the most of life and connecting to a rich and vibrant Italian culture. Good people, good food, good fun!


The experience is sensory travel like no other, suited to travelers with a special interest in music, traditional hand crafts and who enjoy the company of a small group. We live the rhythm as the locals do hand building guitars in the heart of Verona city, moments from the grand and spectacular Arena, the food, the wine and more…

Bon Nardella

Bon Nardella



Participants choose between an OM/OOO style, Mini Jumbo 185 style or Dreadnought guitar using a choice of Australian and Italian timbers. Provided with all materials including Australian and Italian tonewoods, hardware, jigs, tools, glue and guitar accessories and with tuition from 2 instructors, hand build their own guitar, complete with ‘Made in Italy’ guitar label. On our final day we play! 


Legendary for Shakespeare’s tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet, the city of fair Verona is set within mountainous surrounds in the picturesque Veneto region in Northern Italy. Lake Garda is close by and there is food and wine of the region in sublime abundance!


Verona has always richly combined art and culture with the ancient Roman Arena a testament to this history situated right in the centre of all the activity. Live performance and music, music, music!


In the city’s centre, there is plenty to fall in love with, including flourishing retail precincts set against a backdrop of mediaeval and Roman architecture.


A perfect location to live as the locals do, to explore museums and galleries and dive head first into the fine tradition of luthiery, to build your own guitar. Discover more about Verona at


“Hard to beat cultural indulgence like this, with my own guitar a treasured souvenir of a very unique experience. Loved it!”

Jesse, Guitarist & Carpenter

"This experience is unparalleled. Not just the guitar building but so many sensational food experiences and right in the heart of Verona!"

Lola, Administrator

“Beautifully planned and hosted. Easy to explore Verona from our front door and a highlight to see progress at the workshop each day”

Sheri, Marketing Consultant