The Verona Guitar Build is indeed a cultural feast offering a taste of the good life over 14 days and a learning experience like no other.


A shared love of music brings participants together on this unique tour. Different ages and backgrounds. They’ve come on vast tracks to Verona - from Australia or enroute from different parts of the globe, Italy too. Some with a little woodworking experience, others with more.


The setting is inspiring and the journey begins and ends with all the fun associated with traditional Italian conviviality! Join us!

The package is inclusive of 14 nights accommodation, all meals, instrument construction over 10 days of a OOO-style or Small Body Jumbo guitar and guitar case. Price $7600 per person, excluding airfares and transfers. Expression of Interest


An experience created with the intention of sharing the best life has to offer; like-minded people brought together for the love of music and travel.


Life is short but exponentially more enjoyable if you hang with the right crowd, eat together from abundant bowls and share in a laugh.


Bon Nardella generously connects participants to his Italian heritage – one that combines and truly celebrates art and culture and his love of music. Bon is well respected on the Australian music scene and has worked with many high profile performers. He is also a luthier and Head of Musical Instrument Making at Melbourne’s Northern College of Arts and Technology (NCAT). An experienced traveler and guide, Bon speaks Italian fluently and is practically a local having spent so much time in the Veneto region. He is your perfect host.

Bon Nardella
Bon Nardella

Instructing the guitar build in Verona is well respected Australian luthier, Benedict Stewart. His experience is over 20 years making musical instruments, not just the stringed variety. His skills are extensive, knowledge broad and style considerate of the individual. Under Ben’s tutelage you’ll push your abilities and achieve something more than you expected! There is as much or as little information as you need and plenty of hands-on help. To read more about Ben and his instrument making, see

Benedict Stewart
Benedict Stewart